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The time traveler's bridge located at  Langu District. Within the Mu Ko Phetra National Park, Satun Province, the distinctive feature is a steep sea cliff. There is a boardwalk running along the mountain called Khao To Ngai, a nature study route along the sea. One section of the cliff has different colors of rock layers. Traces of rocks from two eras have been found: red sandstone from the Cambrian period (approximately 541-485 million years old) and Ordovician limestone (approximately 485 million years old). -444 million years), which has a difference in age of more than 400 years by the contact marks of rocks from both eras It is caused by a fault in the earth's crust that is clear and hard to find. It is as if one could simply step across time from the Cambrian period to the Ordovician period. Therefore is the origin of the name. Bridge across time or time zone


Prasat Hin Pan Yot Located on Khao Yai Island, within the area of ​​responsibility of Mu Ko Phetra National Park. It is another destination of traveling to Satun that should not be missed. Come visit and admire the emerald sea and sandy beach surrounded by black limestone walls with many spiers. similar to the top of a castle Therefore became the origin of the name. Prasat Hin Pan Yot which is located not very far from the shore You can travel as a one day trip, spending only half a day traveling.


Bo chet look has an amazing legend. Talking about the origin of this ancient site, it is said that in the past there were Moken sea gypsies. Arrive at this area that looks like an island. Therefore, a well was dug to use as drinking water. But when several wells were dug, no water came out. (Some say there was only brackish water) until when digging to the 7th pond, they found fresh water that could be drunk. Previously, the community here was called in Malay that “Talakatuyoya” later in the reign of King Rama VII, the name was changed to Thai according to the uniqueness of the area. "Ban Bo Chet Luk" until today

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